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Pleiadian Systems Corporation is a U.S. based company dedicated to increasing the safety and preparedness of our first responders via cost-effective education, training and evaluation systems to maximize  budgets, reduce injury, and save lives.

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Founder & CEO

Fred Caserta is a passionate, creative thinker, having earned his stripes throughout his career as a graphic designer, advertising and marketing professional. Career Highlights include being the lead Graphic Designer on the First U.S. Release of Grand Theft Auto

video game franchise in 1998. Fred was Art Director for Discovery Channel, History Channel and Scholastic among other well-known brands from 1998-2001. In 2001, Fred was the creative lead for Motorola's Integrated Solutions Division where he immersed himself in the Hardware and Software systems for Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security. Motorola was his first client during his 17 year reign at Caserta Design Company. Fred's ability to envision and create well-crafted visual communications on behalf

of small, medium and large corporations has proven to be a invaluable asset for many businesses including the launching of his own leading-edge firm in the Virtual-Reality and Augmented Reality enterprise space, FIRE RESCUE, Llc in the Spring of 2017 and subsequently Pleiadian Systems Corporation in 2021.

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